Viners is a trusted and much loved cutlery brand steeped in British Heritage.

Viners is now part of The Rayware Group

Who are The Rayware Group?

Starting in 1975, the family-owned Rayware Group has become a leading houseware supplier of some of the UK’s best known British brands including Mason Cash, Kilner, Typhoon, Price & Kensington and Ravenhead.

From our headquarters in England we design and develop kitchen, dining and cookware products, and supply them to department stores, independent cook shops, garden centres and gift shops across the UK and internationally. We pride ourselves on offering the best service to our customers.

Our European warehouse has room for up to 33,500 pallets, and we now also operate warehouses in Asia and the US which enable us to deliver goods around the world quickly and efficiently ensuring speedy deliveries and satisfied customers.

You can trust the Rayware Group to meet Global Safety Standards. Meticulous checks made by our purchasing and quality assurance team ensure that our stringent ethical and environmental demands are met in all of our manufacturing and production facilities.

Experienced sales and customer service teams are on hand to provide the very best help and advice to our customers. We also offer point of sale and merchandising solutions.


23rd July 2015

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Viners’ Illustrious History

Viners have a long and illustrious history as a family of silversmiths specialising as a hollowware manufacturer from the late 19th century. As a small silverware specialist manufacturer they grew to be the biggest producer of silver, silver plated and latterly stainless steel manufacturing…

Employing in excess of 1500 workers in Sheffield they were an ambitious and creative company organising export licenses in the early 20th century to South America and other international regions. Issued with a Royal Warrant from King George V they had a large, affluent and growing customer base for their silver and silver coated nickelware.

Viners developed all of their own shapes and even created the canteen which was patented and updated up until the 1960s.

Throughout the 40s and 50s the demand for stainless steel grew and around this time Viners embarked on their first of many marketing campaigns. They created canteens for cutlery to be displayed and sold, and advertised in influential paper print media.

With a clear directive for innovative and cutting edge design, Viners employed a number of eminent designers in the late 50s, 60s and 70s. Gerald Benney who created many classics such as Sable, Chelsea and Studio created pieces which can be still found in homes up and down the country as his ranges were a ‘must have’ item on every wedding list in the 60s. The iconic studio range still has a long and proud history within the Viners portfolio today.

In the 1970s, the leading Silversmith Stewart Devlin created a range of futuristic and high end serveware made of stainless steel and gold plate. With innovative ranges and a growing customer base, Viners decided to advertise directly to consumers with a number of high profile adverts. Viners continued to use newspapers to advertise their products throughout the 80s and 90s and this succeeded in promoting the brand to consumers even when the business changed hands in the mid 80s.

Viners today, is focused on building the brand and developing fashion leading designs.

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10th July 2015

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