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Create your own virtual dinner party with Viners

While we can’t have the usual family get together for Sunday lunch, or a dinner party with friends on a Saturday night, it’s more important than ever to stay connected with those we love.

Whether you want to use your time to get creative in the kitchen or just want a reason to set the table and avoid another meal on the sofa, you can enjoy a sense of normality by sitting down and eating together with a #VinersVirtualDinnerParty.

The next step is to think about who you’d like to invite to your virtual dinner party and decide which website you’ll be using to connect with everyone through a video call. A few of our favourites include Zoom, Skype and Google Hangouts.

It can be as formal or relaxed as you like. Dress up for the occasion and have a three-course meal, or keep it casual with tapas-style sharing foods. However, you choose to dine, here are our top looks for creating your ideal virtual dinner party table setting with our wide range of cutlery and table accessories.

If you prefer the simple look

Choose from the likes of Tabac or Eden for an understated vibe. Both sets offer a timeless design that you can use for special occasions or every day.









For those who prefer something more striking

Our popular Glamour cutlery set is a firm favourite of Instagram cleaning sensation Mrs Hinch. With its unique hammered finish, this stylish silver-coloured set lives up to its name with its undeniable panache.









Likewise, the Studio cutlery collection features an original textured effect, designed by eminent designer Gerald Benney in the 1960s. Combined with a sleek polished finish and made from the finest quality 18.10 stainless steel, Studio adds a touch of class to online dinner parties.









For serving sharing foods and sweet treats

When it comes to serving tapas, look no further than the Select Serving Spoon Set. Use the set to serve up your favourite foods like pasta, salad and paella. For anyone partial to a cheeseboard, use the Select 3 Piece Cheese Set as a finishing touch. Featuring a knife, chopper and slicer, the set makes enjoying your cheese even more of a pleasure, the only challenge is knowing when to stop nibbling.

29th April 2020

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Top 3 Tips for a Brilliant Back Garden BBQ

With warmer summer evenings just around the corner, it’s the perfect opportunity to dust off your BBQ and take your culinary skills into the back garden. BBQs are a great way to experiment with different meats, marinades, tasty sides and even veggie BBQ alternatives and we’ve pulled together our top 3 tips for a stress-free experience:

1.Invest in Good Quality BBQ Tools

When faced with the burning coals of a BBQ it’s essential to be equipped with a selection of tools that will help you to grill everything to perfection whilst also staying safe. The Viners Everyday 16 Piece or 3 Piece BBQ Sets feature a selection of high-quality stainless steel BBQ tools that come with a 5-year guarantee.

Long-Handled Tongs are an easy and safe way to move or turn thicker cuts of meat, Corn Forks help to keep your fingers clean and avoid burns whilst a wire brush ensures there is no residue left on the BBQ when you’re done.

2. Preparation is Key

Firstly you need to work out how many people are actually attending your BBQ which will then give you a good idea of how much food you need to prepare and cook. Use the stainless steel Skewers from your Everyday 16 Piece BBQ Set to put together a skewer for each guest. You can also cater for any vegetarian or vegan guests by loading the skewers with tasty veggies too. It’s also a good idea to cut and prepare your meat or veggies prior to guests arriving or you placing them on the BBQ. Check out our guide to choosing the right type of knife for your cutting task here or shop all of our Knife Blocks here.

3. Don’t Miss the Sides and Condiments 

Serve up a selection of crowd pleasers to go alongside your perfectly seared burgers, sausages and kebabs. Large serving bowls filled with fresh salads always go down well at BBQs alongside cold meats, cheese boards and of course lots of bread rolls! Don’t forget to also provide guests with an array of condiments to choose from; mayonnaise, ketchup and BBQ sauce are our trusty favourites!


6th April 2020

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Make Your Perfect Pancake with Viners

Keep It Sweet


  • 100g plain flour
  • 2 eggs
  • 300ml semi-skimmed milk
  • 1 tbsp sunflower (or vegetable oil), plus extra for frying

Optional toppings. We like:

  • Chopped fresh strawberries
  • Sliced banana
  • Squirty cream
  • Nutella





  1. Put 100g plain flour and a pinch of salt into a large mixing bowl.
  2. Make a well in the centre and crack 2 eggs into the middle.
  3. Add about 50ml of the semi-skimmed milk and 1 tbsp of oil.
  4. Start whisking from the centre, gradually drawing the flour into the eggs, milk and oil.
  5. Once all the flour is incorporated, beat until you have a smooth, thick paste. Add a little milk to loosen if needed.
  6. Add a good splash of milk and whisk to loosen the thick batter.
  7. While still whisking, pour in a steady stream of the remaining milk. Continue pouring and whisking until you have a batter that is the consistency of thick single cream.
  8. Heat your pan on medium heat and wipe with a piece of oiled kitchen paper.
  9. Ladle some batter into the pan, tilting the pan to move the mixture around for a thin and even layer. Quickly return any excess batter to the mixing bowl. Return the pan to the heat.
  10. Leave to cook, undisturbed, for about 30 seconds. If the pan is the right temperature, the pancake should turn golden underneath in this time and will be ready to flip.
  11. Hold the pan handle, ease a solid turner under the pancake, then quickly lift and flip it over. Make sure the pancake is lying flat against the base of the pan with no folds, then cook for another 30 seconds before turning on to a warm plate.
  12. Repeat the process until you use all of your batter.
  13. Add your choice of toppings and serve immediately.

The Savoury Savior


  • 200g self-raising flour
  • 1 1/2 tsp baking powder
  • 1 tbsp golden caster sugar
  • 3 large eggs
  • 25g melted butter, plus extra for frying
  • 200ml milk

Optional toppings, such as:

  • Streaks of American bacon
  • Maple syrup
  • blueberries and a pat of butter





  1. Mix the flour, baking powder, caster sugar and a pinch of salt together in a large mixing bowl. Create a well in the centre with the back of a spoon then add the eggs, melted butter and milk.
  2. Whisk together until smooth. Pour into a jug.
  3. Heat a small knob of butter and 1 tsp of oil in a large non-stick frying pan over medium heat.
  4. When the butter begins to froth, pour in rounds of batter, approximately 8cm wide making sure not to leave space for them to spread while cooking.
  5. Cook the pancakes on their first side for about 1-2 minutes or until lots of tiny bubbles start to appear and pop on the surface.
  6. Using a turner, flip the pancakes over and cook for a further minute on the other side.
  7. Repeat until all the batter is used up.
  8. Serve your pancakes stacked up on a plate with a drizzle of maple syrup and any of your favourite toppings.

Protein Power


For something with a bit more energy, add a scoop of chocolate protein powder to either of the above recipes.

Top with healthier toppings such as:

  • Sliced banana
  • Dark chocolate pieces
  • Peanut butter





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12th February 2020

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The Wedding Trends of 2019

We have delved into the latest colour trends to inspire table settings for this year’s summer weddings. With brides looking to move away from the norm and embrace vibrant, bold shades, transform your table design with an infusion of colour that’s sure to stand out.

Living Coral

Coral is the go-to shade for this year. It’s warmth and playful charisma brings a refreshing burst of colour, particularly fitting for the summer months. There are many ways you can incorporate Pantone’s Colour of the Year into your table scheme without going overboard in a sea of orange hues.

Look for subtle decoration to channel this charming colour trend. This could be through using a coral table runner, candles, serviettes – even a handmade menu or place card. A small plate embellishment such as an orange flower will help to add a special finishing touch.

To finish the table setting, consider a deep copper shade of cutlery rather than silver. This striking metallic shade sits naturally with any coral table theme as the warm tone complements the palette perfectly.

Pictured: Viners Aeris cutlery with a subtle hammered texture effect for added visual intrigue. Comes with a 25 year guarantee, available from

A Touch of Nature

The outdoors still influences many of the latest design trends with bird motifs popular for the year ahead. Add a subtle nod to nature without leaving the table, with earthy, organic inspired materials, foliage and tableware featuring bird images inspired by their natural habitat.

Pictured: the Nightingale set from Viners 18.0 collection features a dainty bird and floral embossed handle. Comes with a 25 year guarantee, available from

Bright & Bold

Viners Dune cutlery
Viners Grace cutlery












If you prefer rich tones over pastels, deep blue, emerald, fuchsia and aubergine are also set to be popular colours at weddings this year. A vibrant yet lavish approach to styling, bigger is better with this look. Opt for large centrepieces, flowers and decorations such as ribbons, fabrics and embellishments to create the wow factor.

With such a bold, confident look, opt for highly polished, classically styled cutlery. The reflective high shine finish
is elegance personified and lets the table centrepieces do the talking.

Pictured: Dune and Grace from the Viners 18.10 collection. Both come with a 50 year guarantee, available from


Back to Classic

Viners Champagne cutlery

Something old… the grand wedding is back. Think opulent ballrooms and sophisticated dining, this trend is for couples who want to incorporate a touch of tradition into their special day. Crystal stemware, lace overlays, crisp whites and place cards with dainty typography, this beautiful and familiar wedding style is having a renaissance once again. This trend calls for something grand and glamorous, with gold cutlery a perfect choice. Adding warmth to the table, effortlessly, this subtle, gold detailing will tie the look together with a touch of class.

Pictured: Champagne from the Viners 18.0 collection. Comes with a 25 year guarantee, available from

All products are available to purchase directly from

With over a century of cutlery experience, Viners is a highly distinguished, much loved brand, steeped in British heritage. The company’s origins date back to Sheffield in the early 1900s. Since then the brand has continued to innovate and maintain its tradition of creating elegant, robust, high quality cutlery and knives with a design-led finish.

16th May 2019

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Download Your Viners Kids Cutlery Place Mat

Evening meals are the perfect time of day for families to come together around the dining table and enjoy delicious food with each other’s undivided attention. However, at Viners, we understand that often meal times aren’t so idyllic and can become somewhat stressful when you have young children to entertain.

That’s why we’ve developed a selection of fun and colourful place mats that can be easily downloaded alongside the Viners Infant and Junior cutlery collections. Not only will these place mats keep your children occupied, they’ve also been designed to educate youngsters on how to set a table. So next time you’re looking for a little helper just before you plate up, encourage your little ones to get involved and arrange their place setting with their favourite Viners kids design!

Viners toddler and kids cutlery sets have all been designed with little hands and mouths in mind and come with a 25-year guarantee.

Junior Cutlery Sets

Our 4 piece Junior Cutlery Sets allow children to grow with Viners and will make kids feel like they’re eating with grown-up knives and forks. The handles on the Mermazing Cutlery Set feature an enchanting embossed mermaid design whilst the On The Ball Cutlery Set has a stylish embossed football design. The knife in our Junior Set includes a slight, yet safe serration, which enables your children to cut their food independently without harm.

Download ON THE BALL place mat
Viners Green On The Ball Place Mat with cartoon characters playing football
Download MERMAZING place mat

Viners Blue Mermazing Place Mat featuring under the sea theme with mermaids

Infant Cutlery Sets

Our charming 4 Piece Infant Cutlery Sets will make mealtimes more fun for your little ones. The Bertie Bear Set features a cute bear embossment, our delightful Fairies Cutlery Set features a beautiful fairy design and the Jungle Set features exciting animal faces.

Download BERTIE BEAR place mat

Viners Yellow Bertie Bear Place Mat Setting

Download FAIRIES place mat

Viners Pink Fairies Cultery Place Mat

Download JUNGLE place mat

Viners Green Jungle Place Mat with Lion, Monkey, Hippo and Elephant cartoon animals